Treasure Island: The Pirates Mark


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Publisher Matagot

Language dependence (0-4) 0. No necessary in-game text

Player Count 2 3 4 5

Playing Time 30 to 60 minutes

Designer Marc Paquien

Minimum age 10

Categories Bluffing, Deduction, Expansion for Base-game, Exploration, Novel-based, Pirates

Mechanics Hidden Movement, Line Drawing, Roles with Asymmetric Information, Storytelling, Team-Based Game, Variable Player Powers



The pirates got their hands on Silver’s secret map, on which appears the famous « pirates mark », engraved with the invisible ink.

In this expansion Long John Silver draws his secret sign on the game board with a dry erase UV-marker. The players looking for the treasure can, in their turn, use a special UV-lamp to search for the sign in order to have extra information on where the secret may be hidden.

1 chiffon Jolly Roger
4 markers for the pirates
1 invisible pen with a UV lamp for Silver
1 pirates mark tile

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