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Exit: The Game + Puzzle - The Deserted Lighthouse

You trudge along the dark, rocky coast seeking shelter from the raging storm. Drenched to the bone, you look up to see a brilliant beam of light pierce the curtains of rain. A lighthouse! But suddenly and inexplicably, the light goes out. You glance out into the water and spot a ship. It is heading straight for the cliffs! You realize that it is up to...

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Exit: The Game + Puzzle -...

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Exit: The Game + Puzzle - The Sacred Temple

In Exit: The Game + Puzzle – The Sacred Temple, an exciting race through the jungle begins on a small island in the Indian Ocean, but before the players can explore the mysterious temple, they have to solve tricky puzzles and assemble four puzzles. Everyone on the team must do everything they can to achieve the goal while shaking off annoying...

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