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Chronicles of Crime
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Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime is a cooperative game of crime investigation, mixing an app, a board game and a touch of Virtual Reality.<br/><br/>With the same physical components (board, locations, characters and items), players will be able to play plenty of different scenarios and solve as many different crime stories.<br/><br/>Players start the app, choose the...

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Chronicles of Crime: Noir

Noir is an expansion authored by Stephane Anquetil, a very talented writer with credentials including Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective scenarios as well as Escape Books and Box (404 &eacute;ditions).<br/><br/>In Noir, the whole group is collectively representing one private detective with unconventional methods.<br/><br/>Instead of Forensic...

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Chronicles of Crime: The Virtual Reality Module

For use with Chronicles of Crime for exploring and investigating crime scenes. Exclusive scenario included with the VR glasses. Requires app download for use. Compatible with most of the recent 4.5&quot; to 5.5&quot; Android and iOS smartphones with sensor functionality (accelerometer and gyroscope).<br/><br/>Resolution: minimum 720p | comfortable 1080p...

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Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Redview

Some strange things have started to happen in the small town of Redview. For weeks now, animals have been disappearing. When Wookie, Sheriff's dog, disappears as well, 6 friends get together to try to find him.<br/><br/>Welcome to Redview is family friendly. No murders, but instead strange things are happening in a small town in Maine, USA, in the 80s....

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