When purchasing items that are in the pre-booking phase:

  • You can ensure that you receive one of the first copies of the articles;
  • You guarantee a price below the Selling Price to the Public, that will come into force when the articles arrive;
  • You will have to proceed in advance to pay the full amount of the items;
  • In the case of a batch of articles whose availability is not simultaneous, all articles will be reserved as they arrive at our warehouse and you will be notified of the arrival of each one by email;
  • You will have the articles at your disposal for a maximum period of 1 month, counted from the arrival of the last item in your order, thus being able to minimize the number of trips to our space and/or minimize the number of shipments and the respective total cost of postage;
  • If you place an order for pre-ordered items and items with immediate availability, only one shipment will be made only when the last item arrives at our warehouse;
  • We suggest that you place a separate order for items in advance and another for items with immediate availability, if you do not want to wait.