About Us

The beginning of this story takes place in the fabulous 80's. The two protagonists, Hélio and Ana, were then two children who, from an early age, developed a passion for board games.

Little Hélio loved to accompany his eldest cousin in the process of creating games for themselves to play, drawing paths that stretched and branched through leaves and leaves, where certain houses caused effects and consequences according to their own imagination. His favorite games were Os Petroleiros, Risco, Cluedo and Uno. In his adolescence he also played card games like Magic: The Gathering and Middle‐Earth.

Little Ana tried to take advantage of all the opportunities she had, big or small, possible and imaginary to play with her brother or with her cousins ​​- there was simply no way to be fully satisfied, there was always a desire to play yet another game! The favorite games of his childhood were Pictionary and Gesstures.

It was the summer of 2006 when Hélio rediscovered the passion of board games by acquiring his first game of the so-called modern era - Carcassonne - which became an instant hit with his group of friends. This uninformed, impulse and apparently innocent purchase would later transform the lives of our two protagonists completely. Carcassonne was followed by the acquisition of other games such as Ticket to Ride and Catan, as well as the participation and organization of public board game events.

Ana, now a teacher, still kept her passion for games latent, using several games with her students in order to enrich the learning, experiences and interpersonal relationships between her students. In the eyes of her students, she was the most spectacular teacher in each of the schools she visited. 

Then 2010 finally arrived, the time when Hélio and Ana would cross paths for the first time. A mutual friend arranged for them to meet at a dance school, which was followed by a trip to a board game event. In that event, Dixit played, and according to the story, their little rabbit-markers (green and pink) were the whole game in the last places of the score board, distracted with each other… Many games were played in the following days, between which: Lost Cities, Mr. Jack and, of course, Carcassonne.

Over the following years, the games had a constant presence, not only among them, but also with friends and family, thus strengthening all these relationships. They also played with strangers at game events, some of which have become precious friends. Many wonderful things came about, as a result of these connections established around a table, while enjoying a game. They worked together to promote and publicize the games at various events and activities and it was naturally that Gameplay was born. A project started by two, where together they set out to give back to the world what they had received most from the games.

It all started with a Carcassonne and the story continues today ...