Cookies Policy

GAMEPLAY uses cookies as an automatic data collection system. A "cookie" is a device transmitted to a user's hard drive with information regarding the user's navigation on the website, the main purpose of which is to make navigation easier. Although cookies do not contain intelligible information, they allow us to relate an internet user to their personal information.

Cookies are disseminated by our servers and no one can access the information contained therein. Only GAMEPLAY has access to the information collected by cookies, collectively and anonymously, with the sole objective of optimizing its services and that of this website within the scope of the user's needs and preferences and to ensure that the preparation of the web pages is personalized. Acceptance of our automatic data collection procedures and the use of cookies is necessary to take advantage of the many features and services offered through this website, including the purchase of products.

If you choose to configure your browser to block and/or delete cookies, we cannot guarantee that you will have access to all the features and services offered through this website (for example, the computer may not be able to display the image of the product you are using try to acquire). GAMEPLAY uses cookies to facilitate functions such as browsing the catalog, purchasing products online and, in particular, providing services reserved for registered users.