Frequently asked questions


I have games that I would like to sell or exchange for others, can I do it in Gameplay?

We do not buy or exchange used games. The used games that you find in our outlet section are copies of demonstration or experimentation, by the Gameplay team. We also do not buy or exchange new games that have been purchased from another store.


I would like to buy an item that is not available in your catalog, can Gameplay get it?

You can submit a budget request for any item (s) in our scope of activity that are not part of our resident catalog:

  • In order to accept the budget and effect the order, it will be necessary to make a prior payment of the full amount of the item(s);
  • Budgets are valid for 30 days;
  • The availability of the item (s) depends on availability at the suppliers;
  • This availability existing at the date of presentation of the budget can be assured at the date of payment of the same;
  • As soon as the item (s) are available from a supplier, the order will proceed and they will be received within 1 to 2 weeks;
  • We will notify you as soon as the item(s) arrive at our warehouse, so that you can proceed with the collection by hand in our space (Estrada de Benfica, 726-C - Benfica, Lisbon) or be able to request your send;
  • Gameplay will have a period of at least 30 days to satisfy the request, after that time you can choose to continue waiting or request a refund of money.


I love the game (...) and I would like to purchase all the products that are launched within your scope, without losing any, can Gameplay help me?

Yes, you can join the list of subscribers to that game and, in addition, enjoy the associated benefits:

  • you will be notified whenever we receive items from the game to which you are a subscriber so that you can complete your purchase;
  • you will always be assigned one of the first copies, of each of the articles, that arrive in our space;
  • you will benefit from an exclusive discount of 5% on the PVP (Selling Price to the Public), provided that you proceed to the payment of each item within 7 days after receiving notification of the arrival of the item;
  • you can pick up your reservation at our store or we can send the item(s);
  • you will guarantee the reservation of the items up to a maximum period of 6 months from the date of payment (useful if you want to minimize the number of trips to our store or to be able to benefit from free postage when you add more items).

I opened a new game I bought at Gameplay and realized that some components are defective or some components are missing, what should I do?

The games are produced on a large scale and sometimes this situation happens and is the sole responsibility of the publisher. When this happens, contact us by email: and present the situation. In response to your email we will provide you with the direct link of the respective publisher so that you can indicate which components you need and indicate your personal data so that you can receive them directly at your address, without any additional cost.


The sizes of the sleeves are different according to the brands, why does this happen?

What is happening is that although the brands of sleeves sell all the main standard sizes, they have different measurements because some of them use the size of the letter as a reference and others the outer size of the sleeves.


I would like to publish a game that I created, can I count on Gameplay for that?

We are not a game publisher but a retail store for board games and other related items.

If you have an idea and/or a game prototype that you would like to publish, you should contact a publisher directly. There are several national and international publishers.

Who knows if in the future your game, after its publication may not be for sale in our store!


Does Gameplay also sell digital games?

We do not sell digital games, only board games and other related items.