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Publisher Blue Orange

Language a_portuguese.png b_english.png c_spanish.png e_french.png f_italian.png g_german.png h_dutch.png o_russian.png

Language dependence (0-4) 0. No necessary in-game text

Player Count 1 2 3 4

Playing Time 0 to 30 minutes

Designer Sylvain Lasjuilliarias

Minimum age 8

Categories Memory, Pirates

Mechanics Grid Coverage, Memory, Set Collection, Tile Placement


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You've finally managed to get your hands on the legendary Black Lemon treasure. To share the loot, you set up an old pirate tradition in 3 steps:

memorize the contents of the chest in 30 seconds,
plan the sharing of the loot on a common grid,
then each collect the objects in the chest according to your choices.

In short, place your pirate tiles on the grid alternately beginning by the first player. Then look what treasure pieces correspond to your grid placement and score the maximum of points by all available combinations. (crown crown, mask, bottle, sword, coin, diamond). Shake the chest, change the content of it and start again !

If you have a good memory and are smarter than your partners, you might get the most valuable loot back!

—description from the publisher

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