Halli Galli Party

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Publisher Mercurio

Language c_spanish.png

Language dependence (0-4) ?

Player Count 2 3 4

Playing Time 0 to 30 minutes

Designer Haim Shafir

Minimum age 8

Categories Action / Dexterity

Mechanics Player Elimination

Number of cards 56

Sleeves 56x87



Halli Galli Party features gameplay similar to Halli Galli, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017, but now the fruit is hosting a party and playing the instruments to keep things lively. Can you tell when there's a match on stage and react faster than anyone else?

To set up, deal the deck evenly among all players, with the cards showing musical strawberries, bananas and limes in different colors: yellow, green or red, with the fruits playing guitar, saxophone or drums. Taking turns, players flip one card from their deck face up in front of themselves. Whenever two face-up cards match in two properties, e.g., a yellow lime and a yellow strawberry both playing guitar, players race to ring the bell. Players also need to ring in quickly when the star of the Halli Galli band — the singing plum — takes the stage. Whoever rings in quickest takes all the face-up cards and places them under their deck; if someone rings at the wrong time, they must give one card from their deck to each other player.

As soon as only two players remain, the game ends after the next ringing of the bell, and whoever has the most cards wins!

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