Clube Detective (Detective Club)




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Publisher Blue Orange

Language i_danish.png j_finnish.png l_norwegian.png m_swedish.png

Language dependence (0-4) 0. No necessary in-game text

Player Count 4 5 6 7 8

Playing Time 30 to 60 minutes

Designer Oleksandr Nevskiy

Minimum age 8

Categories Bluffing, Card Game, Deduction, Humor, Party Game

Mechanics Storytelling, Team-Based Game, Voting

Number of cards 168

Sleeves 80x120


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Detective Club is a board game for players who enjoy party games, with simple rules that take just a minute to explain. Intrigue, sudden revelations, limitless creativity, and tons of fun await you in this game! Lead the investigation as a detective, or cover your tracks as the infiltrated conspirator. Discuss, accuse, object and try to convince everyone.

In Detective Club, on each round, one of the players secretly teams up with another — the Conspirator — and tries to make them guess a secret word using just two illustrated cards! Other players are detectives, who also know the word, but don't know the identities of each other. Detectives have to find out who the conspirator is, making sure they don't get accused by their fellow players!

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