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Premium Euro Token + Farmer + Animeeple 279 Piece (plus box) Wooden Box Set

What is this? A comprehensive set for all of your tokens, all in one simple solution using a 24x15cm wooden box PREMIUM TOKEN SET!
In the box you will get a full set of 25 Farmer Tokens in 5 colors, each color will have a Farmer, Wife and 3 kids. In addition you will get a 60 piece Animal Token Set (Animeeples) that contains 25 Sheep, 20 Pigs and 15 Cattle. You will also get our custom 194 piece Euro Token Set included as well. The total number of pieces then is 33 wood, 27 bricks, 15 white tokens, 18 stone, 27 wheat, 20 gold, 18 carrots and 36 additional food (12 each of bread, fish and drum-sticks/chicken leg). Total of 194 pieces all together.

This includes all the resources you need for many games such as Agricola, Kingsburg, Stone Age, Settlers of Catan, and many more. This set includes Veggiemeeples (Carrots and Grain) as well as Reed, Brick/Clay, Wood, Stone/Ore, Gold, Meat, Fish and Bread Tokens.

If purchased separately you would pay over $60 for this set, without the box! Get this set in a handsome wooden box that is custom made to fit nicely back in the box of most games and still leave room for cards on the sides and space for game boards above.

This set can be used with Agricola but it is also good for many other euro games including:

1) Stone Age - People are always running out of wood in Stone Age, you can use the Wood, Brick, Stone and Gold from this set to supplement/replace your Stone Age Tokens. You can also use the Grain as a 1 Food marker, the Carrots for the 2 Food Marker, the Fish for the 5 Food marker and the Meat as the 10 food marker. You replace all the cardboard food markers with the food/veggie resources quite well.

2) Kingsburg - Kingsburg uses Gold, Stone and Wood but the resources are all cubes. Use the Euro Token Set for Gold Ingots, Wood shaped wood and Stone shaped Stone tokens. You can also use the Meeples as Kings Envoy.

3) Settlers of Catan - We have sold well over 1,000 Yucatan Token Sets. For Catan you can set aside the cards for the game and use Grain, Ore, Brick, Sheep and Wood tokens in place of the cards. Put the resources right out on the board and it speeds up distribution and trading in the game. Many families with smaller kids prefer tokens because small hands have a hard time holding the cards properly. The robber is a snap, you just shake up the resources you have and drop one from your clasped hands randomly, just like a starting player selection in most games.

4) Le Havre - Use the meeples from this set to replace your discs. Toward the end of the game you end up with a lot of buildings and it can be tough to find your tokens. Use the taller farmer figures instead!

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