Everdell: Big Ol' Box of Storage [*OUTLET*]

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This item arrived at our warehouse with some kind of damage to its outer box. Despite that, the item is complete and factory sealed.

As an incentive to all those who don't judge an item by its outer box, this item has a discount in proportion to the degree of damage.

Below you will find additional information about the damage of this item.

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Publisher Starling Games

Language b_english.png

Language dependence (0-4) ?

Designer James A. Wilson

Number of cards 10

Sleeves 63.5x88



[OUTLET: JOGO COM DANO] - Canto frontal com pequeno rasgo numa das arestas

This upgrade pack allows owners of the Everdell base game and expansions to get the upgraded components from the Everdell Complete Collection without needing to buy anything they already have.

There are two versions of this upgrade pack. The "Big Ol' Box of Storage" includes the Collector's Edition box (with insert and card dividers) and "Click Clack's Upgrade Pack" doesn't have the box (or insert and dividers.) Otherwise the contents are the same.

1 Comprehensive Everdell Storage Box
1 The same box insert as the Complete Collection
17 Card Dividers
5 Corrin Evertail Alternate Art cards
1 Comprehensive Master Rulebook (a/k/a "The Gilded Book")
1 Comprehensive Master Card Reference Booklet (a/k/a "The Archive")
1 Comprehensive Scorepad
10 Wooden Occupied Tokens
18 Wooden Gold Occupied Tokens
20 Six-Point Shiny Metal Tokens
300+ Critter Meeple Stickers
5 Tapestry Art Signature Cards
8 Plastic Saddles

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