Detective Stories: Case 3 - Still Lake [*OUTLET*]

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Publisher iDventure

Language b_english.png

Language dependence (0-4) ?

Player Count 1 2 3 4 5 6

Playing Time More than 3 hours

Minimum age 13

Categories Deduction, Murder/Mystery, Puzzle

Mechanics Cooperative Game, Deduction




Stillsee is a detective game in which you get a set of evidence and need to decide who is the criminal. You get a set of physical objects in combination with digital parts and use them for the investigation. At the end of the process, players need to enter the name of the criminal and it will be validated if it's correct. It's also possible to get hints that will help you find the right solution.

The game can played in a co-operative mode as well as in a competitive mode with players split into teams and competing to see who will find the criminal first.

The game is designed as a realistic criminal case and requires investigations similar to those carried out by the Criminal Police in real life.


Ein Fußballspieler aus Russland, der unter merkwürdigen Umständen nach Deutschland gekommen ist, wird tot in einem See gefunden. War es ein Unfall? Oder wurde er ermordet?

Das Spiel ist als realistischer Kriminalfall ausgedacht und erfordert Untersuchungen ähnlich denen, die von der Kriminalpolizei im wirklichen Leben durchgeführt werden.

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