Surfosaurus MAX (second print)


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Publisher Loosey Goosey Games

Language b_english.png g_german.png

Language dependence (0-4) 0. No necessary in-game text

Player Count 2 3 4 5 6

Playing Time 0 to 30 minutes

Designer Ikhwan Kwon

Minimum age 10

Categories Card Game

Mechanics Semi-Cooperative Game, Set Collection

Number of cards 110

Sleeves 57.5x89


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This is the Second Print with the corrected card colors

Outcooperate the competition!

Surfosaurus MAX's cards come in seven suits, with values from 01 to 12. The higher a card's value, the fewer victory points are on it.

When it is your turn, you play a single hand card and draw a new one immediately. Once the right number of cards has been reached, the one strongest possible combination out of all the cards played by all the players wins. If you contributed a card to the winning combination, you get to score it.

—description from the publisher

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