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Publisher Road To Infamy

Language b_english.png

Language dependence (0-4) ?

Player Count 1 2 3 4 5

Playing Time 0 to 30 minutes

Designer Andrew Nerger, Jeff Chin

Minimum age 14

Categories Card Game, Expansion for Base-game, Puzzle

Mechanics Hand Management, Increase Value of Unchosen Resources, Melding and Splaying, Open Drafting, Set Collection

Number of cards 9

Sleeves 68x120



Kickstarter exclusive that includes 10 art cards and 8 award cards (plus a rules cards).

The art cards in the mini expansion feature two new icons that are not in the base game. The bonus ribbon gives you straight victory points, but doesn't help you meet any scoring conditions. The x2 icon doubles the icon in the slot that it points to.

Each game you can play with a different Award card that has a unique game end scoring rule. These cards add variability and complexity to make the game more replayable, especially at expert levels.

Card art descriptions:
"…Desires" (human teeth with rainbow gums at top and bottom)
"…Dread" (curly, leafless blue tree on the right)
"Scorched…" (purple/blue dragon in the upper left)
"…Expression" (street artist kneeling on the right spraying red into the center)
"Forgotten…" (unstable and overgrown tower ruin on the left)
"Simple…" (red, yellow, and blue paper airplanes at the top)
"…Imagination" (person riding unicorn with green wings in the upper right)
"Secret…" (open treasure chest in lower left with glowing blue contents)
"…Mirage" (an orange/purple rock formation seems to be starting to levitate)
"Pointless…" (green, red, and purple fireworks in the center)

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In Canvas, you play as a painter competing in an art competition. Players will collect art cards, layering 3 of them together to create their own unique Painting. Each card contains a piece of artwork as well as a set of icons used during scoring. Icons will be revealed or hidden based on the way players choose to layer the cards making for an exciting...

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