A Feast for Odin: Mini Expansion 2


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Publisher Feuerland Spiele

Language g_german.png

Language dependence (0-4) 0. No necessary in-game text

Player Count 1 2 3 4

Playing Time Between 1 to 2 hours

Designer Gernot Köpke

Minimum age 12

Categories Economic, Industry / Manufacturing, Medieval, Puzzle

Mechanics Automatic Resource Growth, Income, Push Your Luck, Tile Placement, Worker Placement



The second mini-expansion for A Feast for Odin includes a number of new components and a few new variant rules.

New components

New 1x1 tile types: berries (orange), eggs (red), amber (green), goldgubber (blue)
New B-island: Isle of Mull
Obtainable with the 1 viking Exploration action
Income goes up to 4 silver
Worth 9vp
Bonuses: salt meat, ore, wood, goldgubber, egg, stone, altar - the altar is a 6 spaces, 1x4+1x2 middled special tile, not buyable, smithable or plunderable and only obtainable via this island's bonus

(Half-) Island on Backside: Caithness
Obtainable with the 3 viking Exploration action
Income goes up to 5 silver
Worth 24vp
Bonuses: fur, amber, stone, sword

New variants

Randomized harvests: Includes 8 harvest tokens (identical backs; on front, 4x blank, 1x each of 1, 1-2, 1-3 and 1-4).
Rules: reveal a non-blank harvest token at the beginning of the game to be the first round's harvest, and after each harvest reveal one of the yet-unrevealed tokens to be next round's harvest.

Resource markers: Includes 10 new markers with different front and backside, which add resources to players' harvests each round.
Rules: each player gets one in a seven-round game and two in a six-round game. Players choose them during setup in reverse turn order. During the Harvest phase, depending on if there is a harvest or not this round, flip your token and receive the depicted bonus.

Accelerated start variant for a greater, more exciting experience when playing the six round game.
Rules: when playing the 6-round game, players start with their artisan shed already built and with 3 extra silver in their supply.

A list of occupation cards that it is recommended to remove: 8 cards that are banned for being overly strong, and 30 additional cards that are recommended to remove in order to bring about a better average of more useful, not such specialized interesting cards.

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