Tinners' Trail (2009 edition)

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Publisher JKLM Games

Language h_dutch.png

Language dependence (0-4) 0. No necessary in-game text

Player Count 3 4

Playing Time Between 1 to 2 hours

Designer Martin Wallace

Minimum age 13

Categories Economic, Industry / Manufacturing

Mechanics Action Points, Auction/Bidding, Dice Rolling, Time Track



This expansion for Tinners' Trail contains the Arsenic and Emigration expansions, which add to Tinner's Trail with thematic new gameplay.

The Arsenic Expansion adds the extra resource of arsenic. Due to the danger of arsenic, it is processed at the cost of permanently losing work points but with the reward of a big cash payout.

In The Emigration Expansion, you can send your workers overseas to gain ongoing benefits, such as extra income or free developments.

These expansions require the base game to play.
They are also compatible with the Lord Wallace solo mode.

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